Joakim Olsson

Jack of all trades, master of one

I am a highly motivated, very experienced and driven systems architect and developer with a passion for technology and everything related to software development. Always looking for a challenge that can improve my technical and business knowledge.

My experience and technical interest has led me towards Team Lead/Architect roles. I’ve been mentoring development teams, teaching Test Driven Development and the importance of Continuous Integration and Delivery at all the businesses I’ve worked with. My goal is always to develop systems better and faster, using agile methodologies to improve the team’s performance in order to build high quality software.

My tech-stack of choice currently is Kubernetes for container orchestration, Go for backend services, RabbitMQ for messaging between backend services, GraphQL for APIs and Vue or React for frontends.

If you need a senior consultant in the DevOps area don’t hesitate to send me a message!